Wine is not only made in the cellar, but its quality derives from the choices made in the vineyard.

Our company, of historical foundation, was born from the passion of an Albese family for the agricultural and oenological world. From Mario Rivetti, founder of our winery, with the succession of generations it has come to be a mainly female-run company, with a strictly family imprint, just as it was born and as it wants to continue to be.

44°41'10.8"N 8°03'05.4"E


We are in Alba, the capital of the Langhe, the heart of Piedmontese wine culture.

Just above Alba, no more than three kilometers from the city center, there is our winery, carried on for three generations with strength and determination. Located in a highly panoramic point, in the middle ground between the Barolo and Barbaresco areas, open from all angles that allow us to see in a single glance all the hills around us, here Beppe Fenoglio took refuge to meditate and write his memoirs.


We carry on the art of winemaking by aiming to make each grape express its best.


We deeply love our land, for this reason we respect and protect it.


We open the doors of our cellar to those who love the Langhe hills, to those who are passionate about wines.