Wine is not only made in the cellar, but its quality derives from the choices made in the vineyard.

Anna and Loredana carry on a thought that characterizes the entire production of our winery, namely that quality wine comes from how the vineyard is approached. This is why our vineyards are followed with the utmost dedication during each season of the year, paying attention to the trends of the different vintages and practicing integrated pest management.


Always in direct contact with nature.

Our vineyards are located just above Alba, at an altitude ranging from 300 to 350m above the sea, and are mostly exposed to South, with calcareous-clayey soils and with the presence of the characteristic Sant’Agata marls, the most common and widespread formation in the Langa of Barolo and Barbaresco. They are mainly composed of bluish marly layers with little sand, which give the wine elegance and longevity. This is our territory, which we protect using a few but simple precautions.


An eye always towards the future, with the experience of our ancestors.

Our mission is to always keep the combination of tradition and innovation in the cellar as balanced as possible, so as to safeguard the health of consumers by keeping the doses of sulfur dioxide low. The winemaking process is the one in which all the choices we have made come to the point, and it is the moment in which the techniques that we jealously guard, taught to us by those who were before us, continue to relive, in an annual ritual that has in itself the identity of those who preceded us, of who we are and of who we want to be.